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Yuma Profile

Location - Named the 12th most livable city by ìMoney Magazineî in 1993, Yuma is located in the far southwest corner of Arizona, bordering Mexico to the south and California to the west. One of Arizonaís best kept secrets has been Yuma. Long thought of as the ìlittle town between Phoenix and San Diego,î Yuma has changed! Itís now recognized as one of the favorite resort cities in the state.

Retail - Yuma County taxable sales through May of 2002 increased by 11.8% over 2001 figures. Total Municipal retail sales reflected a growth of $20 million within the same 12 month period. The influx of new residents, winter visitors and Mexican consumers contribute over $224 million in retail sales. As a border community, the progressive open port law (NAFTA) is also a contributing factor in projected increases in retail sales. The National Research Bureau reports Yuma as one of ten (10) growth markets to demonstrate expanded opportunities for retail development.

Agriculture - Yuma County is a major agricultural trade center with over 200,000 acres of cropland. The principal field crops produced are cotton and hay. Lettuce is the principal vegetable crop, with lemons as the major citrus crop. Seed crops are becoming increasingly important as well. Yuma also supports a growing livestock industry with fat cattle sales operating at an average of $634 million a year in total gross income.

Tourism - Yumaís second largest industry contributes over $600 million to Yumaís economy. Winter ìSnow Birdsî from across the country take advantage of year-round sunshine (the average annual temperature in Yuma is 72 degrees), an active senior lifestyle, and an affordable cost of living, contributing $458 million to Yumaís annual sales. Yumaís winter resident and visitor populations grow to 80,000 during the peak season.

Labor Force - Yumaís labor force continues to grow with the expansion of Agriculture, Military, Tourism, and Retail employment opportunities.

Military - Two military installations, Marine Corps Air Station and Yuma Proving Grounds, contribute approximately $110 million to Yumaís economy as one of the areaís largest employers. The area is recognized as a primary U.S. Army and private contract testing site.

Population - With the advent of the 2000 Census Report, the Yuma Metropolitan area has been designated the third fastest growing metropolitan area in the country and the 10th largest city in the state. As of 2002 Yuma County has an estimated population of 169,760.

Recreation - Recreation in Yuma County centers around outdoor activities within the desert environment, including water recreation, camping, golf and more. Three marinas are located above the nearby Imperial Dam. The Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation provide boat ramps, campsites and other services. There are ten beautiful golf courses that can be used 12 months a year due to our excellent climate. The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park (the third most visited state park in Arizona), Quartermaster Depot, Yuma Art Center, Yuma Ballet Theater, and Century House Museum are just a few of the many points of interest that represent the uniqueness of Yuma.

The Imperial Sand Dunes is another favorite winter playground, attracting thousands of offroad enthusiasts every weekend. It is also the site of many television commercials and motion pictures, including the Star Wars sequel, Return of the Jedi, Rambo III, Flight of the Phoenix, March or Die, and Stargate.